pokemon is one of my favourite games ever pokemon has changed my life alot i love it so much maybe you should try it yourself byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

school uniform



School uniforms are vital for a schools image. All schools in shepparton wear school uniforms. I strongly believe that schools should wear uniforms.


Firstly, school uniforms are safety for if you go on a schools field trip. Imagine if someone separated from the group and the didn’t know there way back.


Secondly, you wont get teased if you all are wearing the same clothes. Imagine  if someone was getting bullied because they were wearing the clothes that they liked.


thirdly, it saves money. Imagine if your parents spent over 500$ for clothes you wont even wear.


Wearing school uniforms is safer more comfortable and easier to find.i believe school uniforms should be worn every day from Monday to Friday

Dirt bike


I would love to have a dirt bike so I can get the hang of it for when I am older and dads getting one it is no fair thank you for reading this

Landing in Gallipoli


April 25 1915

Just let me take you back to the landing.When we landed bullets were already fireing the bullets sped like lightning we had to climb a hill it was horible even worse because we had to where backpacks that whaied 30 to 40 killos i almost died like eight times i almost fell off the hill a couple of times a lot of peopledied trying to get up the hill some even died geting off the boat